»Waypoint Deployment list

Command: waypoint deployment list

List deployments.


Usage: waypoint deployment list [options]

»Global Options

  • -plain - Plain output: no colors, no animation.
  • -app=<string> - App to target. Certain commands require a single app target for Waypoint configurations with multiple apps. If you have a single app, then this can be ignored.
  • -workspace=<string> - Workspace to operate in.

»Command Options

  • -workspace-all - List builds in all workspaces for this project and application.
  • -verbose (-V) - Display more details about each deployment.
  • -json - Output the deployment information as JSON.
  • -long-ids - Show long identifiers rather than sequence numbers.

»Filter Options

  • -state=<string> - Filter values to have the given status. One possible value from: error, running, success, unknown.
  • -physical-state=<string> - Show values in the given physical states. One possible value from: any, created, destroyed, pending.
  • -order-by=<string> - Order the values by which field. One possible value from: start-time, complete-time.
  • -desc - Sort the values in descending order.
  • -limit=<uint> - How many values to show.