»Waypoint Release

Command: waypoint release

Release a deployment


Usage: waypoint release [options]

»Global Options

  • -plain - Plain output: no colors, no animation.
  • -app=<string> - App to target. Certain commands require a single app target for Waypoint configurations with multiple apps. If you have a single app, then this can be ignored.
  • -workspace=<string> - Workspace to operate in.

»Operation Options

  • -label=<key=value> - Labels to set for this operation. Can be specified multiple times.
  • -remote - True to use a remote runner to execute. This defaults to false unless 'runner.default' is set in your configuration.
  • -remote-source=<key=value> - Override configurations for how remote runners source data. This is specified to the data source type being used in your configuration. This is used for example to set a specific Git ref to run against.

»Command Options

  • -repeat - Re-release if deploy is already released.
  • -deployment=<string> (-d) - Release the specified deployment.
  • -prune - Prune old unreleased deployments.
  • -prune-retain=<int> - The number of unreleased deployments to keep. If this isn't set or is set to any negative number, then this will default to 1 on the server. If you want to prune all unreleased deployments, set this to 0.