»Waypoint Server uninstall

Command: waypoint server uninstall

Uninstall the Waypoint server


Usage: waypoint server uninstall [options]

»Global Options

  • -plain - Plain output: no colors, no animation.
  • -app=<string> - App to target. Certain commands require a single app target for Waypoint configurations with multiple apps. If you have a single app, then this can be ignored.
  • -workspace=<string> - Workspace to operate in.

»Command Options

  • -auto-approve - Auto-approve server uninstallation.
  • -delete-context - Delete the context for the server once it's uninstalled.
  • -platform=<string> - Platform to uninstall the Waypoint server from.
  • -snapshot-name=<string> - Filename to write the snapshot to. If no name is specified, by default a timestamp will be appended to the default snapshot name.
  • -snapshot - Enable or disable taking a snapshot of Waypoint server prior to uninstall.
  • -ignore-runner-error - Ignore any errors encountered while uninstalling runners. This allows the server to be uninstalled even if runner uninstallation fails. Note that this may leave runners dangling since future 'uninstall' runs will do nothing if the server is uninstalled.

»ecs Options

»kubernetes Options

  • -k8s-context=<string> - The Kubernetes context to unisntall the Waypoint server from. If left unset, Waypoint will use the current Kubernetes context.

»nomad Options

»docker Options