»Initializing the SDK

A plugin is a Go binary containing one or more components. A single plugin may be responsible for Deploying the application (Platform), archiving application artifacts (Registry), releasing it (ReleaseManager) or more. In fact, a single plugin can be responsible for the entire Waypoint lifecycle.

Technically, plugins are gRPC Go-Plugins; however, as a plugin developer, the Waypoint SDK abstracts this complexity for you. To implement a plugin, you can use the sdk.Main function. You pass Main the components you would like to register for the plugin. You do not need to specify the type of component when you register a component; the Waypoint SDK inspects the interfaces you have added and automatically hooks it up to the correct part of the life cycle

func main() {
func main() {  sdk.Main(sdk.WithComponents(    &registry.Registry{},    &deploy.Deploy{},    &release.Releaser{},  ))}