»hook Stanza

Placementapp -> build -> hook
app -> build -> registry -> hook
app -> deploy -> hook
app -> release -> hook

The hook stanza configures hooks that are executed before or after operations. This can be useful to do things such as perform a security scan on an image, run database migrations on a deploy, etc.

Multiple hook stanzas can be specified. This will execute multiple hooks for an operation. The behavior with multiple hooks is documented on the hooks lifecycle page.

app "frontend" {
  build {
    # ...

    hook {
      when    = "before"
      command = ["./validate-creds.sh"]

  # ...
app "frontend" {  build {    # ...
    hook {      when    = "before"      command = ["./validate-creds.sh"]    }  }
  # ...}

»hook Parameters


  • when (string) - When the hook should be executed. Either "before" or "after".

  • command (array<string>) - The command to execute. The first element of the list is the command to execute and each remainder is an argument. By specifying this as a list of strings, you do not need to worry about escaping arguments.


  • on_failure (string: "fail") - Behavior when the hook fails. If this is "continue" then failures are ignored. Otherwise, a failure cases the entire operation to fail. See failure behavior.