»use Stanza

Placementapp -> build -> use
app -> build -> registry -> use
app -> deploy -> use
app -> release -> use

The use stanza specifies the name and configuration of a plugin to use for an operation. The type of plugin depends on the context of the use stanza. For example: a use stanza within a build configures the builder plugin to use.

app "frontend" {
  build {
    use "docker" {
      buildkit = true

  # ...
app "frontend" {  build {    use "docker" {      buildkit = true    }  }
  # ...}

»use Parameters


The use stanza takes a label. The label of the stanza is the name of the plugin to use.

The plugin name must match the name of a built-in plugin or an external plugin. The plugin will be validated as part of the waypoint init process.


The parameters of a use stanza are defined by the plugin being used. You must look at the documentation of the plugin you're using to determine the available configuration options.

As an example, if you were using the Docker builder you could find the available parameters documented here.