Use case

Blue-green deployments with Nomad and Consul

Waypoint supports the orchestration of advanced deployment workflows.


Efficient advanced deployment practices such as blue-green deployments that can help reduce downtime and increase application availability

In blue-green deployments, the application is deployed alongside the existing version in a separate environment. It essentially reduces risks with rollback capabilities and near zero downtime. Despite its obvious advantages, the implementation of this deployment strategy introduces new complexities and additional risks of failure.


HashiCorp Waypoint supports the orchestration of advanced deployment workflows, such as blue-green deployments.

In the HashiCorp stack, this is made possible with features from the workload orchestration product, Nomad, and the service networking product, Consul. Nomad enables operators to deploy canary instances of a newer version of an application without destroying the existing instances and Consul plays a role as well through service configuration entries.

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