Easy application deployment for Nomad, Kubernetes, and Amazon ECS

Waypoint allows developers to deploy, manage, and observe applications through a consistent abstraction of underlying infrastructure. Waypoint works with Nomad, Kubernetes, ECS, and many other platforms.

Simple developer experience

Waypoint provides a simple and consistent abstraction for developers to easily build, deploy, and release applications.

  • Monitor app health on any cloud

    Waypoint provides real-time status updates and monitoring for the entire lifecycle of your applications, no matter where you deploy to.

  • Extend Waypoint with plugins

    Extend workflows via built-in plugins and an extensible interface. Supports custom builders, deployment platforms, registries, release managers, and more.

Ready to get started?

Next steps

Get started with Waypoint, a tool that enables developers to describe how to get their applications from development to production in a single file and deploy using a single command.