»CloudNative Buildpacks

»pack (builder)

Create a Docker image using CloudNative Buildpacks.


  • Input: component.Source
  • Output: pack.Image


build {
  use "pack" {
    builder     = "heroku/buildpacks:18"
    disable_entrypoint = false


»Allow pack images to be used as normal docker images

  • Input: pack.Image
  • Output: docker.Image

»Required Parameters

This plugin has no required parameters.

»Optional Parameters

These parameters are used in the use stanza for this plugin.


The buildpack builder image to use.

  • Type: string
  • Optional
  • Default: heroku/buildpacks:18


If set, the entrypoint binary won't be injected into the image.

The entrypoint binary is what provides extended functionality such as logs and exec. If it is not injected at build time the expectation is that the image already contains it.

  • Type: bool
  • Optional


Environment variables to expose to the buildpack.

These environment variables should not be run of the mill configuration variables, use waypoint config for that. These variables are used to control over all container modes, such as configuring it to start a web app vs a background worker.

  • Type: map[string]string
  • Optional

»Output Attributes

Output attributes can be used in your waypoint.hcl as variables via artifact or deploy.


  • Type: map[string]string


  • Type: string


  • Type: string